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I have always observed that most of the people shy away from quality and from those who advocate it. It has become a sort of a misnomer that sometimes has tragic consequences. Though the blame is not to be put entirely on the delivery - which is the primary owner for the roll out and implementation of quality, it is equally important that those who advocate it, also show the right passion and drive towards the cause of quality with the right intent behind it.

I shall in this site try and simplify the concepts involved in this area and also try to push some of my ideas and thoughts that I have gained from my experience and from the teaching of others.

Hope you gain from my experience and help me spread the learning together in all the organizations across the world to bring about a true "Quality Culture"

The links on the right would take you through the main content of the site. I would recommend that you start off with FUQs - Frequently Unanswered Questions and then to the Mini Books sections.

Frameworks would include all the concepts that I have tried to write in FUQs and Mini Books.

If Time Permits is a collection of links, and other subtle information that has interested me and helped me learn what I am trying to share on this web site.

This site would not have been possible if not for the people whom I have mentioned in my Acknowledgement section. I have also put together whom I am targeting by publishing this site in About this site page.

You are free to use the content of this site provided you adhere to the Creative Commons License, the details of which can be accessed by clicking the link here or on the image displayed at the bottom of each page.

Do feel free to contact me and provide your feedback on the blog that I have created with the same name here: (this of course would open in a new window).

I shall in my limited time between my work and passion to spread knowledge everywhere, try and respond to you as early as possible.

Happy Learning and Spreading the Knowledge!!!